Active Transportation Policy Update

In May 2022, the NCRD started the process of updating the Rural Graham Island (Electoral Area D) Official Community Plan (OCP) to include policy direction for developing new active transportation systems and networks. The NCRD understands that there is an increased interest in active transportation from residents who are cycling for recreation and commuting and that local businesses are interested in how active transportation can help encourage tourism to the area. 

Active transportation includes any form of human-powered transportation, such as walking, cycling, or rolling using a skateboard, in-line skates, scooter, wheelchair, and other modes. Promoting and providing more opportunities for active transportation can play an important role in enhancing our community’s health, environment, and economy. 

An OCP is a tool for community’s to establish long term visions, goals, objectives and polices that act as a guide for decision-makers to act in alignment with the collective community priorities. This project will add strategic policies to the existing OCP directly related to active transportation that will encourage the advancement of active transportation initiatives and infrastructure.

To ensure that the Active Transportation Policy Update accurately reflects the views of the community, we invite all residents and community members to complete our survey here.

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