Housing Needs Assessment Report

On April 16, 2019, Bill 18-2018 amended the Local Government Act to require municipalities and regional districts in B.C. to complete housing needs reports by April 2022 and every five years thereafter. These reports will help local governments and the B.C. government better understand and respond to housing needs in communities throughout B.C.

The North Coast Regional District (NCRD) selected Calibrate Group to assist with the Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) for its Electoral Areas within the NCRD.

Reports are now available for the following areas:

The NCRD and Calibrate Group compiled these reports using research from publicly available data sources such as Census data, BC Stats, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. We also gathered extensive feedback through:

  • Community Consultation: our consultant met with key stakeholder groups, including First Nations, seniors’ organizations, residents’ associations, industry leaders, and real estate professionals;
  • Public Engagement: our consultant held a series of public meetings, hosted in all four Electoral Areas, to gather feedback from the public on the unique housing challenges faced in the North Coast; and 
  • Survey: a survey was published for members of the public to share their feedback on housing.

Provided above is a regional housing needs summary report which takes into consideration the housing needs reports completed for the NCRD electoral areas, as well as housing needs assessments and strategies completed by NCRD member municipalities. 

The housing needs reports provide valuable housing and demographic information throughout the region and are intended to be used by the NCRD as a planning document to assist the Board in decision-making around housing issue. The reports also contain recommendations for consideration to address identified housing issues throughout the region.