Land Use Planning Project - Areas A & C

Electoral Area A & C Land Use Planning Project

Project Overview

Beginning in 2016, the North Coast Regional District (NCRD), in partnership with Urban Systems, undertook a planning process to develop general land use planning bylaws for Electoral Area A and Electoral Area C. The project culminated with the preparation of a general land use plan with land use planning designations and policy for each Electoral Area, as well as basic zoning regulations to support these designations.

A vital step in the process was engaging with local communities in each Electoral Area to identify the level of land use regulation that was required and/or desired in each community. In order to determine the level of interest in having greater land use regulation in the area, residents were consulted to determine whether or not the status quo is acceptable and if greater regulation was required and/or desired. Additionally, consultation with local First Nations communities in the study area was undertaken to ensure land use policy is consistent throughout the study area.

Provincial Consultation

Following the completion of legislative consutlation and the holding of a public hearing on the proposed bylaw, on February 15, 2018, the Province of B.C. passed Ministerial Order M053, prohibiting the NCRD Board from adopting the North Coast Land Use Plan Bylaw 608, 2017, having deemed there to be additional consutlation required. 

As Ministerial Order M053 has passed, the Minister responsible must now approve the proposed land use plan and part of that approval role is a Provincial duty to consult with area First Nations on the proposed plan.

Proposed Plan: Bylaw 608, 2017

For the most recent copy of the proposed plan (at third reading), Bylaw 608, 207, please access the following: Bylaw No. 608, 2017.