Board Appointments

2019 North Coast Regional District Board Appointments

Organization2018 Appointment2019 Appointment
Haida Gwaii MuseumDirector MartinDirector Olsen
Yellowhead Highway AssociationDirector Brain
Director Kinney (Alternate)
Director Brain
Director Franzen (Alternate)
Vancouver Island Regional LibraryDirector BeldessiDirector Putterill
Port Edward Historical SocietyDirector BergmanDirector Bergman
Prince Rupert and Regional ArchivesDirector Kinney
Director Brain (Alternate)

Director Brain
Director Cunningham (Alternate)

Municipal Insurance Association of B.C.Director Bergman
Director Nobels (Alternate)
Director Bergman
Director Nobels (Alternate)
Municipal Finance Authority of B.C.Director Pages
Director Franzen (Alternate)
Director Pages
Director Franzen (Alternate)
BC Ferries Advisory CommitteeDirector MartinDirector Putterill
Northwest Regional Advisory CommitteeDirector RaczDirector Young
Groundfish Development AssociationDirector Nobels
Jason Thompson (Alternate)
Director Nobels
North Central Local Government AssociationDave MacDonaldDIrector Brain


Organizational Information

Each year, the Board of the North Coast Regional District (NCRD) is requested to make appointment to various external agencies to provide representation from the NCRD. The following is further information on those organizations.