COVID-19 Supports

Funding Opportunities:

Small and Medium-Sized Business Recovery Grant: The provincial government has announced the Small and Medium-Sized Business Recovery Grant program provides fully funded grants to businesses to ensure they have the support they need during and beyond COVID-19. The program runs until March 2021 or until funds are fully allocated, whichever comes first. Businesses impacted by the pandemic will be eligible to receive grants up to $30,000.00 and grants for the tourism sector has been increased to $45,000.00.

Payroll Assistance

Wage Subsidy Program: Businesses and nonprofits facing revenue drops of at least 30% due to COVID-19 may apply for up to 75% subsidy of wages for the first $58, 700. These subsidies are intended to avoid layoffs and provide business reliefs, and will be retroactive to Morch 15, 2020.

Work-Sharing program: Provides income support to employees eligible for Employment Insurace (EI) benefits whose work has been temporarily reduced while the employer recovers.

Tax Reliefs and Flexibility

Federal Tax Flexibility: Businesses can defer payment of income tax until August 2020. Businesses may also request tax advise from the Liaison Officer Service by filling out this form.

Provincial Tax Relief: some of the provincial taxes have been deferred, delayed, or reduced.

Other Government Initiatives

Procurement Opportunities for Canadian Manufacturers: The Government of Canada is calling businesses able to assist in combating COVID-19 to action.

Federal Insured Mortgage Purchase Program (IMPP): As part of Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan a revised IMPP has been launched to support financial institutions and the economic through the purchase of insured mortgage pools.

Provincial COVID-19 Supply Hub: The Province is looking for for medical and non-medical products and services to help with COVID-19 response. If you are able to donote or supply products from the list on their website, you are invited to submit an offer.

Supports for Businesses in BC: as part of the provincial Action Plan, the province is providing cinome supports, tax relief, and funding for people, businesses and services in response to the pandemic.

Support for Indigenous Business: The Government of Canada has granted a large stimulus package for for NACCA, the network of Aboriginal Financial Institutions and their Indigenous business clients. Information on this as well as other links to support for Indigenous businesses can be found on this page.

Government of Canada Support for Businesses: Provides a search of COVID-19 programs to support businesses.