The North Coast Regional District has not established a Building Regulation service within our Electoral Areas; as such there is no Building Official. Within the NCRD, it is the property owner’s responsibility to inform themselves of the legislation, regulations and local bylaws which may apply to their development. All new structures must be compliant with Zoning Bylaws, Official Community Plans and floodplain management provisions (where applicable); and provincial and federal regulations.

Property owners must ensure that their development meets the BC Codes, and are encouraged to obtain Qualified Professionals and review the Building Act Guide during project planning. Under the Constitution Act and the Building Act, the Province maintains the authority to establish building regulations such as the BC Building Code. The Building Code is updated every 5 years, and establishes minimum standards for:

  • Health;
  • Safety;
  • Fire and Structural Protection;
  • Accessibility;
  • and Energy and Water Efficiency.

Property owners are encouraged to confirm their development is consistent with the NCRD’s Official Community Plans and Zoning Bylaws by performing a property inquiry early in their plans. A property inquiry can confirm which bylaws apply to a property; the allowed uses and density of that property, its minimum parcel size, setback requirements, and Development Permit Area requirements.

In some cases, private legal instruments such as statutory building schemes, strata bylaws, and restrictive covenants may be registered on Title with the Land Titles and Survey Authority. Property owners should also examine their Title documents to determine additional restrictions which may apply to the property; such as, but not limited to, requirements for access to other parcels and/or restrictions to the number and siting of structures, wells, or septic systems.

With the exception of the Sandspit core, the NCRD does not provide drinking water or liquid waste management services. The property owner is responsible for establishing their own systems consistent with the Drinking Water Protection Act and the Sewerage System Regulations. Property owners are encouraged to reach out to the Northern Health Authority for more information.

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