The North Coast Regional District (NCRD) owns and operates a small domestic water system in the community of Sandspit, on Moresby Island, supplying quality drinking water to approximately 461 residents. Revenue for operation, maintenance, capital and administration of water services are funded through taxation of the properties in the community and user fees for properties connected to the systems.

For rates and charges please see Sandspit Water Service Regulation & Fees Bylaw 558, 2013.

For billing enquiries, please email: accountsreceivable@ncrdbc.com 

Water Quality Monitoring

The NCRD is directed by the Northern Health Authority regarding the type and frequency of the water quality monitoring it performs. Water systems are monitored a minimum of once per month for the presence of bacteria and annually for chemical and physical properties.

The Sandspit community water system is currently in compliance with the Northern Health Authority's water monitoring guidelines. You can find water system reports for the NCRD at Northern Health's Healthspace listing.

New Service Connections/Disconnections

If you live in Sandspit but are not presently connected to the system, are building a new residence or business and require a service connection, or require a disconnection please fill out the Water Service Connection/Disconnection Form and submit the form to NCRD staff at info@ncrdbc.com.  Fees for new service connections and disconnections apply. 

For water turn on, turn off service, please fill out the Water Shut Off, Turn On Application Form.

Emergencies and Inquiries

In the case of a water system emergency, please call the NCRD office at (250) 624-2002 during regular business hours, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. After hours, please call Bob Prudhomme at (250) 637-2381.

For inquiries regarding bill payments or invoices, contact the NCRD office at (250) 624-2002, ext. 5 or toll-free at 1-888-301-2002.