Solid Waste Management Plan Update

In March 2024, the Board of the North Coast Regional District approved the Solid Waste Management Plan and is now awaiting approval from the Ministry of Environment. 

Solid Waste Management Plan Update

The NCRD is currently in the planning stages of updating the region's Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP). Updating the SWMP was identified as a high priority by the Board of Directors under the Environment and Climate Change portion of the 2019-2022 NCRD Strategic Plan. The current SWMP was adopted for the region in 1996, and since then the region and its solid waste needs have changed, thus the need to have an updated SWMP that reflects this.

The objectives of updating the SWMP are to:

  • Improve operational and financial efficiencies of the NCRD waste management system;

  • Assist users to improve their participation in waste segregation and diversion programs;

  • Continue monitoring new and upgraded solid waste management facilities and services;

  • Maintain and improve relationships with larger waste generators;

  • Improve compliance with existing product stewardship programs; and

  • Expand service delivery to rural communities.

The four steps of updating the solid waste management plan were:

  1. Initiate the planning process: notifying member municipalities, First Nations, and the public of the plan to update the plan and begin consultation on proposed amendments;
  2. Set the plan direction: identify principles, goals and targets, prepare background information, assess the current solid waste management system, consider trends affecting solid waste management and consult the public;
  3. Evaluate options; and
  4. Prepare and adopt the plan.

A Public and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) has been established for the SWMP update, and a Terms of Reference has been adopted. The purpose of the PTAC is to provide input on the development of the SWMP from a variety of perspectives. As of May 2022, the 20 member PTAC consists of representation from the following organizations:

City of Prince Rupert
District of Port Edward
Village of Masset
Village of Port Clements (2)
Skidegate Band Council
Old Massett Village Council
Council of the Haida Nation
Kitsumkalum Indian Band
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
North Coast Regional District (2 EA Directors)
North Coast Regional District (Staff – 3)
Community Member
Metlakatla First Nation
Dirt Nerd Soil Company (2)
Lax Kw'alaams Band

This website will continue to be updated as the SWMP Update process proceeds. Residents and businesses in the NCRD are welcome to provide feedback and input to this process by email, phone or mail ( ~~ 250-624-2002 ~~  14, 342 3rd Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1L5) 

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