March 23, 2020 News Release – North Coast Regional District State of Local Emergency Declaration

March 23, 2020

News Release – North Coast Regional District State of Local Emergency Declaration

The North Coast Regional District (NCRD), in coordination with its municipal and First Nations partners, are acting to reduce the potential impact of COVID-19 in our communities. On Monday, March 23rd, the Chair and Board declared a State of Emergency in the NCRD. Under B.C.’s Emergency Program Act, when a State of Emergency is declared, it fully activates the NCRD’s Emergency Operations Centre and gives these key personnel greater flexibility to access resources and respond efficiently to emergent circumstances.

In accordance with the Emergency Program Act, travel to and from communities within the North Coast Regional District will be controlled and limited to essential services only.

Other Emergency Program Act measures include:

  • Acquiring or using land or personal property to prevent, respond to, or alleviate the effects of the emergency, including the use of buildings to assist with the increased demands for healthcare, shelter, and childcare
  • Procuring on a first-priority basis any clothing, equipment, medical supplies, or other essential supplies required to cope with the emergency, for the duration of the emergency
  • Restricting the use or occupancy of any premises within the North Coast Regional District.

We continue to work with public health officials and multiple partners on the COVID-19 response. "This declaration will give us powers to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our focus right now is working together with communities in a coordinated effort." said NCRD Chair Barry Pages. Declaring a local state of emergency allows us to take additional measures to ensure we have the resources needed to maintain essential services and meet the demands of other agencies, including Northern Health.

The NCRD’s services have been reduced to essential service levels to reduce overall exposure opportunities for staff and the public. Crews are working to continue service provision and all necessary precautions are being taken to limit social contact in our workplaces and with the public. Listed below are current impacts to services.

The NCRD administration office, recreation facilities and programs, and public access to landfill and recycling services are closed until further notice. Please call 250-624-2002 to arrange an appointment with NCRD staff, if required. Note that availability for in-person meetings will be limited. NCRD Board meetings well be held via teleconference. Until further notice, the NCRD’s operations is moving to essential service provision.

The following services will continue:

  • Emergency services – including fire and policing;
  • Residential garbage pick-up;
  • Mainland recycling drop-off (by appointment only); and
  • Emergency water repairs.
  • Non-essential operations will not be available until further notice.

If necessary, further local orders may be established to protect public health under the guidance of emergency personnel and health care professionals. These orders are issued on a temporary basis. In 7 days there will be a mandatory review process to determine whether they must continue.

We appreciate there is a lot of information circulating at this time, and not all of it is coming from verified sources. All updates from the North Coast Regional District will on our website.


Northern Health Info Line: 1-844-645-7811

BC Centre for Disease Control:

Canada Residents and Business Access Supports:

For more information contact Daniel Fish, Chief Administrative Officer for the North Coast Regional District at 250.624.2002, extension 8 or email